When it comes to disinfection, and front line protection against Coronavirus, Dezonex are leading the charge against COVID-19, disinfecting to destroy.

Our expert teams appreciate the daily concerns people have about  about coronavirus being ever present, which is why our domestic and commercial disinfection procedures are both quick and thorough, protecting you, your family, and your workforce from the virus.

Offering house and commercial ozone disinfection, as well as ozone and cleaning for vehicles, our range of cleaning and protective services give peace of mind in worrying times. No property is too big, and no commercial fleet too large for our COVID-19 protecting disinfections services.

Using safe processes and cleaning materials, we ensure a deep cleaning services that offers top quality results, taking any COVID-19 off your premises, disinfecting to destroy all traces of it. For all your home, commercial, vehicle disinfecting needs, contact us, let Dezonex get you COVID-19 compliant.

Services and Prices

Our unique and effective solution is to use ozone gas O3 as a surface disinfector. Ozone is a gas witch killing 99.9% of viruses like SARS_COV and many more, batteries bad smells and protozoa and is always generated on-site. Not need for covering any electrical equipment, food equipment. It’s dissolving in 20 minutes after use. We are working 24/7. After your party with lots of gests, you can be sure that all used area is ready for your new client next day free from COVID. We providing a certification with actual reading for concentration of O3. And visible signage for display in front of your premises with information, that area is free from COVID.

We can offered large vast of service. Please find our list below.

Small properties

House ozone disinfections. For your piece of mind that your safety environment is really safe. After quarantine. Or family visitation.
Price from £150ph for 35m2 dwelling, with generator producing 10gh ozone.

Commercial properties

Price from £125ph for 50m2 with generator producing 20gh ozone.


Prices from £60 15minutes with generator producing 10gh ozone. As well as we providing standard cleaning service for only £25ph per operative. We offering domestic and commercial cleaning. Carpets cleanings from £45.

We can help you to reopen your business under the new Government guidance under the COVID-19 regulation. We can offer counter screening, table separation, signage, area curtain screening. For more info please contact us on mobile or email.

Process of disinfection

Simple and Easy Process

We like to make things simple when it comes to disinfecting your home or commercial space. With minimal disruption and time-effective preparations, our easy and simple disinfection process is tried and trusted. Preparing your air and tide sill, and separating large and smaller areas, ensuring that you can deal with everything you have to do.



Cleared Area, Clean Space, Safe Space

As we go about our process of disinfecting your premises, it is critical that nobody is within the disinfecting area while the ozone is spreading. Safety first is our focus, just as much as disinfecting is. Harmful for humans, as well as plants and animals, ozone is a high concentration to which people should not be exposed.

Monitored and Managed for Safety

As the o3 spreads around the disinfecting area, our experts will closely monitor with finely tuned gas detectors, getting real time readings. This allows us to make the process time effective for the space it is for. On completion of the process, the ozonated space requires proper ventilation for a minimum of 20 minutes, with readings taken afterwards to ensure that the o3 level is at a low rate within the surrounding air.


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Why is that effective?
Please see scientific evidence.

When we refer to O3, you are talking about ozone. Chemically, this is a gaseous oxygen which includes an extra oxygen atom, which itself is linked to the oxygen molecule. Due to it being a strong oxidising compound, ozone is able to oxidise organic materials, and do so rapidly.

It can also oxidize things including iron and manganese as soon as it is added to pure drinking water, H2O. When it comes to disinfecting qualities and capabilities, it is extremely potent and effective in cleansing bacteria and viruses.

Ozone kills bacteria about 3 200 times faster than chlorine.

Ozone and viruses

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